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In a growing market of energy saving solutions, the lighting industry has re-invented innovative ways to use light and colors as a form of communication. May it be for an art installation, event marketing or an architecture, we give you the channel to express yourself through our creative solutions.

Lighting Design & Consultancy

Dimeled offers unique and creative lighting conceptualization and design solutions. We present this with the aid of animation and visualization tools to our clients, before conducting feasibility studies with system solutions. Using our expertise in lights, we educate our clients on Lighting effects and Lux levels based on given situations. These are based on light tests and simulations in order to deliver an accurate implementation based on the presentations.

Engineering & Implementation

We implement sound engineering practice that complies to standards. This is achieved by using only the right materials and equipment, and close communication with our engineering team. We don’t believe in saving on sub-standard materials to save on short-term costs that results in long-term expenses through defects and liability. Our maintenance team will also be there for you whenever you encounter problems or need to change a light sequence.

Control System Solutions

Every building and venue is unique, hence no installation is the same from one another. We design data distribution systems based on different locations of the light fixtures. We also implement Control Systems for DMX or DALI based lighting systems custom to your needs.The lights will be artistically programmed according to the creative intent. These DMX based controllers are able to deploy sensors and contactors to trigger the lights, resulting in interactivity with the target audience.

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